Angel Update

Fish Gallery

The Angel fish lived and is doing great! I have since added a Stripped Rafael Catfish to the tank. I have never owned a Rafael before and I would like to know more about them. The one I have was tiny when I purchased him/her. I almost did not buy the fish it was so small. It has been about 2 months since I added the fish to this tank and in that time he has almost doubled in size. So far I can’t really tell if he is even in the tank except when he is laying on top of one of the Cryptocoryne leaves.

In addition to the Angel and the Rafael I have 2 of my Albino Cory cats that I raised last year in the tank, a couple of Kuhli Loaches, four Black Neons and two Cardinal Tetras left over from a tank of fish I had about four years ago. I have to say the Black Neon is a hardy fish. The Black Neons school with the Cardinals and they look well together.

The tank has a sand bottom and is planted with Italian Val and a species of Cryptocoryne. This tank is the 20 gallon hex and it is filtered with a Magnum Canister Filter.


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