Albino Cory Catfish Spawn – Dec. 2014

I performed a water change and replaced filter media in these two tanks on December 17th.

 Friday 12-19-14

I first noticed eggs in the 29 gallon tank last night. I moved the eggs to a net breeder for safety.

Saturday 12-20-14

This morning they are hatching. First noticed eggs on 12-19.

Eggs must have been laid on 12-18 as several were already turning white and the others transparent. It takes 2 days for the eggs to change color.

Fertilized eggs turn transparent, the rest turn white. Fry are too small to be photographed with my camera.

20 Hexagon Tank – Second Hatch

I found more eggs in the 20 hexagon this morning. I have 3 albino cory and three spotted cory in this tank. I moved the eggs to a second net breeder.  Eggs were very fresh and quite sticky. Got some decent pics of the eggs in 20 hex. Eggs were laid from 1am to 2pm Saturday morning.


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