Albino Cory Babies at One Week

The albino cats in the 20 hex laid eggs from 1:00 am through 12:00 noon on Saturday Dec 20th. I put these eggs into a second net breeder. I hung this net breeder in the 29 gallon tank. The eggs began turning color on the second day. On the third day I began spotting fry hatching.

Initially more eggs were laid in the 20 gallon tank, however the hatch rate was lower. A strong current from the power filter in the 20 gallon tank interfered with egg fertilization.

Fry from both tanks are eating flake food. Using API Tropical Greens and Tetra Tank Nibblers. Nibblers is a soft pellet that can be broken up dropped into the net breeder. The fry can find the small blocks of food easily. Nibblers begins to dissolve as the water is absorbed into the block.


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