Magnum 350 Pro System Canister Filter – Review

Magnum 350 Pro Canister Filter
This is a good filter


I purchased a Magnum 350 Pro Canister filter in 2012. I used this filter on my 55 gallon tank until 2014 when I moved it to my breeding tank and it has been a great investment. It keeps the water clean and odor free unlike many “hang on the back of your tank” filters. The Filter media basket is large enough to hold a variety of chemical media products such as activated carbon, ammonia removing resins and more. The filter floss sleeve fits over the basket and will catch the large waste particles before the water enters the media basket and is pumped back into the tank.

To “polish” the water you need to remove the media basket and fit the Micron Cartridge (one is included in the box) in its place. I noticed a difference within 3 hours and the results were astounding. I highly recommend using the Micron Cartridge whenever you are planning to have guests over. They will actually come up to the tank to touch the glass the water will be that clear.

This filter will handle up to 100gal per hour. I recommend keeping one set of O-rings and seals on hand and use petroleum jelly to lubricate the seals and rings each time you change the media. These parts are relatively inexpensive and help seal your unit from leaks and sound vibrations.



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