Cat Fish Spawning

I woke up last Saturday Morning to find the catfish spawning in the aquarium. I shot this film using a Kodak Easy Share Z812 IS camera. It is an old camera and not really meant for shooting active fish but I think the film short came out pretty nice.

The fish did most of their spawning between 7:30 am – 12 noon. I checked on them periodically throughout the day. By 5pm they were swimming normally, I fed them well and let them spend the night in the tank with the eggs. Occasionally, I saw them nip up and egg but otherwise ignored them. Cory cats do not provide any care for their young or eggs after spawning. I removed them from the tank the following day.

I cleaned up excess food on the bottom of the tank. Then I added some air stones to get a good current flowing through the tank and over the eggs. A good current of water will bring added oxygen to the eggs for the developing embryos.

The eggs began hatching on Wednesday, August 19 in the evening. The fry are too small to film them with this camera but they look like clear wiggly threads.

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