Rule 3


Get the Right Amount of Filter for Your Tank

Fish Are Living Breathing Things:
Fish have a heart and they have gills some even have something close to lungs such as the Betta and Gourami. Fish are very sensitive to the dissolved gasses in their water. Gasses such as oxygen, carbon dioxide, ammonia, nitrates, and nitrites.

These gasses are produced by the organisms living in the tank so we need a method to remove excess toxic gasses such as ammonia. To do this we need a filter. There are internal filters and external filters.  Internal filters hang/sit on the inside of the fish tank. External filters hang on the back of the tank. Either filter is perfectly fine, they both use activated carbon or a combination of ammonia removing resin and activated carbon along with floss to remove waste.

Filters are measured in gallons per hour (gph). This gph rating means that your filter will turn over x number of gallons each hour. This rating is generally done without the floss and carbon cartridges so read the package carefully and keep this in mind when selecting a filter.  You will need to change the cartridges every 30 days. To provide more oxygen and circulation in the tank use a small air pump and air stone at the opposite end of the tank to gently push the water throughout the tank.


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