Rule 4


All People Are Not The Same, All Cars Are Not The Same…………..

All Fish Are Not The Same

Keep similar fish in your tank when starting out. Fish need others of their own kind. Remember the old saying, “Fish swim in schools”. Well, it’s true! Fish on the whole do better when they have 2 or 3 of their buddies to swim with. Shy fish feel more confidant and will come out of hiding when you have more of them.

There will be fewer personality conflicts with one fish beating up on another fish. This tends to happen when a stronger species of fish is housed with lighter built more timid fish. Gourami are often seen abusing smaller fish. This is because Gourami are nothing like tetras, barbs or any of the live-bearing fishes. Gourami like Bettas stake out territory in a tank. They are bubble nest builders and they swim in the top layer of the water guarding their plot of water. There is nothing wrong with Gourami’s they are not mean but they do need more space than a 10 gallon starter tank as a general rule.

Try keeping just 2 species of fish when you are starting out, like 2 Cory cats and 3 Mollies. Or you could try 2 Cory’s and 3 Serape tetras and 4 Neon Tetras.

Another good reason for keeping fewer species of fish in a tank is when treating disease in the tank. For example, treating sick tetras is different from treating sick live-bearers. Tetras are sensitive to copper in the water.  Many medications use copper as the active ingredient for parasites.

Do some research before stocking your tank and only buy fish that like the same water conditions and who have similar habits. I think you will be happier with your fish and have more success with them.


Less is more when setting up a new tank


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