API Filstar XP small Canister Filter – Review

API Canister XL Filter gets 4 stars for being quiet and easy to clean.

I have a 55 gallon tank in our TV room so the filter needs to be extra quiet.

I purchased my API filter about 2011, so it’s about 4 years old now. I replaced is the large rubber gasket for the lid last month. I think that is pretty good for the constant use that it gets.

This API Canister Filter comes with a carbon filter cartridge
and two filter pads one is a micro filter pad to get started. To save a little money you can buy just the filter and then buy replacement filter carbon and pads the following month. All of the filter media goes into the roomy filter basket.

I especially like the easy setup of this filter. The instructions are clear with good diagrams. Use the included suction cups to position and hold the intake and outtake tubes in place.

The filter is easy to clean with the quick release inset for the hoses, unplug the filter then lift the black lever on the inset up and pull up, the hose section will pop off the top of the filter box. Lift out the filter media box into a waiting clean bucket. I like to buy the blue or orange utility buckets that Lowes and Home Depot sell.  A bucket, makes it a snap to carry a wet media box through the house. Rinse off the foam pads they can be reused for 2-3 months and put in new media.

Make sure you get a permanent marker and label your bucket Fish Only. It helps to prevent accidents as someone is bound to use it as a mop bucket.



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