Rule 6


Water Temperature – “Do I Need A Heater ?”

The answer is YES.

Tropical fish need water that is between 75o F – 80o F. If you are just setting up your tank for the first time you will be fine if you set your thermometer between 75o F – 80o F.

As you become an experienced hobbyist you will learn through research what temperatures your favorite fish prefer. For now keep things simple for yourself and your tank and stay in these guidelines. One word of caution before we move on, do not place your tank in front of a window. Sun or cold temperatures from a window can raise or lower the tank temperatures within hours not to mention creating an algae bloom from too much direct sunlight.

Be sure to get both a heater and a thermometer for your tank. You need a thermometer to make sure your heater is working properly. See my earlier post about a malfunctioning heater.

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