Rule 7

Keeping Fish Alive

Aquarium Hoods Save Lives

  1. A full hood will keep your fish inside the tank. Many fish like to jump out of the water and surprise you with their athletic abilities unfortunately it’s a onetime shot for them. Swordtails, platys, danios, hatchets and butterfly fish are all famous for their jumping abilities.
  2. A well fitted hood will keep the water inside your tank from evaporating too quicklySaves you from topping off the tank every other day.
  3. It will keep the noise down. An open tank is noisier than you think when the bubbles and filter are running.
  4. A hood helps to keep the water temperature constant.
  5. A hood keeps gases from cleaning products and paints and smoke out of the tank water when these things dissolve in the water they can become toxic to the fish. I have lost fish sensitive to paint thinners and other cleaning products.
  6. A full hood will keep other things out of the tank. My cat used to climb up on the lower level tanks as a kitten. The glass tops used to support his weight. He likes to drink water from the running filter. As an adult he sometimes falls into the tanks. Young children also like to drop wallets and iPhones into open tanks of water. These are just a few reasons to keep a lid on your tank. I am sure you will have your own stories as you learn how to keep your own fish alive.


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