Rule 8


Do Not Over Feed The Fish

Something may happen you don’t know what!
Dr. Seuss

Fish seem to eat constantly but they are comparatively small pets and a little food goes a long way. Look at the eyeball of your largest fish, put this amount of food in the tank to start. Wait 5 minutes. If the fish have eaten everything in 5 minutes you may put in a littleĀ more food. If there is anything left after 5 minutes you are overfeeding your fish.

You may feed the fish again in the evening and then turn out the lights. Some bottom feeders like catfish and loaches prefer semi darkness to feed.

Try to keep a flake food for top and mid layer fish and a pellet food for the bottom dwellers. Be sure to use tropical fish food for tropical fish and goldfish food for goldfish. Tropical fish need more meat in their diets than goldfish who consume a good deal of vegetable and plant matter.

Accidents happen sometimes a whole can of food can get spilled into a tank. Take the time to remove the food with a fish net or siphon immediately. Waiting a few hours may prove fatal to your fish.


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