Rule 9


Once your starter tank has cycled and you have stocked your tank. Be careful when you add new fish to the tank.

Quarantine all new purchases for 3 to 4 weeks. Sick fish can look perfectly healthy in Phase 1 of any illness.

Setting Up the Quarantine Tank vs a Hospital Tank

Set up a small 5 to 10 gallon hospital tank. Do not add any decorations to the tank and keep the bottom bare of gravel.(I have used the large plastic paint type buckets that the major hardware stores carry or the clear plastic storage boxes for hospital tanks in a pinch. Rinse the containers out well to remove any debris. ) Hospital tanks do not need carbon added to the filter. Many medications are removed by carbon rendering the medicine useless. You will need to supply more than the usual amount of oxygen to the water.

A quarantine tank however for newly purchased fish will need a fully functioning filter since we believe the fish are healthy we will treat them as healthy until they prove otherwise or they reach their 3 – 4 week quarantine limit.

Never ever break this rule. We are never so advanced in this hobby as to break this one rule.

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