The Kuli Loach

Kuli loaches are inquisitive little things.


My Kuli loach is a dusky dark color variation. The pretty orange and black stripes are missing. He has lived in the breeding tank for three years. After I put him in a bare bottom tank I began to notice his unique personality. It is so much easier to see the little whiskers (barbels) around his mouth when he twitches them while swimming about the tank searching for food.

At treat time it is fun to watch him muscle in to the fish pack to receive his share of tubifex worms. It does not seem to matter that he is the smallest fish in the tank or the only one of his kind in the tank. He is the fastest and quickest so he must be counting on that for escape. Or maybe like people there are just some things worth dying for; for my Kuli loach it is definitely tubifex worms.




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