The USS Torsk a Fish of a Different Sort

What do a commercial food fish known for over a hundred years and a WWII submarine have in common? Their names!

In 1944 the US Navy decided to name a series of their subs after whales and fish. The USS Torsk (SS-423) a Tench class submarine took its name from a large cold water fish of the same name. Torsk just happens to be the Norwegian word for cod. I am glad the navy christened the submarine the Torsk rather than the Cod.

The torsk fish makes its home on the bottom of the ocean which must be why the US Navy chose to use the  name.

Antique Woodblock of a “Torsk” , 1867-69 by Groombridge & Sons, London “A History of the fishes of the British Islands’ Jonathan Couch
photo of submarine in header is credited to  Wikipedia


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