Saving Sammy

Late last Tuesday I got a call, ” My sister is the hospital can you take her fish ?

Its been in the apartment all week with with out food. The water needs changing , can I bring it over now. ” “Sure”, I hung up the phone. I was dressed for bed but this was a good friend so I waited up till she knocked on the door. She set a partially filled smelly Betta tank on the kitchen table. I looked inside and saw a blue betta laying on top of the marbles used for the decorations. He did not look good.

I found one of my net breeders that I use for baby fish. I put the net breeder  in the 55 gallon tank and fastened it in place. I transferred the betta to the net breeder with a small fish net. I did not feed the fish. He was so stressed that just moving him from his dirty tank to a filtered tank was going to be enough for him to deal with. I would be up for work in 5 hours so I would feed him then if he lived that long.


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